The Importance of Maintaining Your Home

Most homeowners understand the importance of maintenance to keep the value and comfort of their homes. But at H & R Insurance Group LLC in Portland, OR, we want you to know that maintenance is also crucial in keeping many provisions of home insurance in effect. Poor maintenance can lead to claims being limited or denied.

Home insurance is not designed to make up for poor maintenance.

Here are some examples:

Insect Infestation

It is generally up to homeowners to prevent their properties from becoming infested by pests. Damage from insects or vermins may not be covered other than the protection offered by a pest control company.

Poorly Maintained Fencing

Should a fence be damaged in a windstorm, but poor maintenance contributed to the damage, coverage may be limited. Fences need to be properly maintained to be fully covered by most home insurance policies.

Aging or Poorly Maintained Roofs

More home insurance companies are considering the age and condition of roofing in providing coverage. Homeowners should take care of small leaks to avoid larger claims that may be denied.

Aging Wiring Systems

Aging wiring systems may be a danger to life and property. More home insurance companies are requiring upgrades before insuring an existing structure. Maintaining your electrical systems to today’s standards will ensure your home is safer and insured.

Maintenance should include a complete visual inspection inside and out. Look for leaks, cracks, and gaps. Address issues before they become a more significant issue.

Are you aware of what your home insurance does and doesn’t cover?

We can help. At H & R Insurance Group in Portland, OR, we can not only review your current policy but also provide a quote to update your coverage. Reach out to us today for the protection you deserve.