Flood Insurance in Oregon

Portland, OR is a gorgeous place, and part of that beauty is due to the Columbia and Willamette Rivers that flow through the town. However, those same rivers that give the city charm also contribute to heightening flood risks. While Portland, OR doesn't see consistent flooding, riverine flooding does occur during heavy snowmelt and following excessive rainfall. For these reasons, homeowners and business owners must consider talking to our H & R Insurance Group LLC team about flood insurance.

What to Know About Oregon Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that typically offers the following types of coverage:

  • Dwelling coverage protects the actual structure of a home. This means the insurance will pay for repairing or rebuilding flood-related damage to the foundation, walls, floors, and electrical system.
  • Contents coverage protects your personal belongings within the home and will pay out for replacing or repairing such items as electronics and furniture.
  • Additional living expenses coverage offers a type of lifestyle protection. Here, if you are forced to rent a hotel room or other type of lodging while repairs are made to your existing home following flooding, an insurance policy with this type of coverage will offer reimbursements for lodging and things like food.
  • Basement coverage offers specialized protection for those items and equipment located in the basement. Basement coverage is often added on top of a base flood insurance policy as this is the area most at risk for flooding.

Learn More About Oregon Flood Insurance

With flood insurance, you can choose the correct coverage limit and deductible for your budget and the balance of risk and reimbursement you feel comfortable with. Contact our H & R Insurance Group LLC team to learn more about your Portland, OR flood insurance options and secure the right coverage for your household.