Umbrella Insurance in Oregon

Oregon is a gorgeous place to live with its lush landscapes and creative downtown area. However, such beauty comes with risks. For example, the lush landscapes of the greater Cascadia region occur mainly because of the high amount of rain this area gets, and such heavy, consistent rainfall increases certain accident risks like slip and fall accidents, fender benders, and more. One way to increase your protection from such risks across the board is with an umbrella insurance policy, such as those offered by our H & R Insurance Group LLC team.

Purchasing Umbrella Insurance in Oregon

Umbrella insurance is a special type of insurance that doesn't just protect or provide liability for one asset, such as a house or a vehicle. Instead, it works to cover and protect all of your assets. We also call umbrella insurance "gap insurance" because it can work to fill in the gaps of any existing policy.

For example, imagine you and a friend are enjoying a drive between Portland, OR and Eugene, OR. Recent rains may have made the roadway slicker than normal, and you find yourself accidentally causing a collision. Suppose you have automotive collision and personal liability insurance. In that case, car insurance will take care of much of the associated costs. Still, if this was a bad accident that exceeds your policy's limits, you may have to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to cover the remaining costs. If you didn't have umbrella insurance. If you have umbrella insurance, that policy will kick in just where your existing automotive policy ends.

Umbrella insurance is a fantastic move because it is so versatile. You can use it to cover car accidents, equipment theft, water damage in your rental, storm damage in your deeded property, and much more.

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