What Happens If You Stop Paying Your Auto Insurance? Nothing Good!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just didn’t pay your Portland, OR car insurance? It’s not a good idea because it could be severely costly for you financially and legally. Here’s what our team at H & R Insurance Group LLC can tell you about this idea.

You Get a Warning But Could Lose Your Policy 

Missing an insurance payment isn’t automatically going to get your policy covered. You typically get a warning from your provider that lets you know you missed it. You’ll have to pay more money to cover the next payment and might even pay a fee to get it back. 

Note that during this time, you won’t have coverage. As a result, you could get into serious trouble if you get into an accident. It’s a situation where you simply can’t afford to find yourself here, so it’s important to find ways to get your policy active to avoid any problems. 

Other Long-Term Issues 

The troubling thing about missing a payment is that yes, your coverage team could cancel your policy if they want. Furthermore, they could increase your premium or even get you put into a “high-risk” insurance bracket that costs more money. Some might even experience collections.

What if you’re leasing your vehicle? Could you lose it? Absolutely, and that’s a scary situation to be in as a driver. Furthermore, you could even get into real legal trouble if you get pulled over and don’t have insurance or if you get into a crash and are to blame for it. 

Get a Hold of Us

If you live in Portland, OR and need great car insurance, make sure that you call our team at H & R Insurance Group LLC to learn more. We can help you find a policy that suits your needs and will work hard to make sure that you’re happy with your options and satisfied with your coverage.